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The Best And Worst K-Pop Entertainment Groups And Companies To Interview — According To The Interviewers

This is all based on their personal experience.

YouTubers Danny Kim and David Kim, known by their YouTube channel DKDKTV, have interviewed dozens of idols throughout their careers as K-Pop journalists.

Danny Kim (left) and David Kim (right). | DKDKTV/YouTube 

In a video, the two revealed some of their favorite experiences with idol groups, as well as some of the worst experiences they’ve had with labels.

1. VAV (A Team Entertainment)

Danny said working with VAV was one of the best experiences he’s had! The band was pleasant to work with, and their company also gave DKDKTV creative space to do their jobs.

DKDKTV did carpool noraebang with VAV. | DKDKTV/YouTube 

Their label was super chill—the guys were super chill. The guys were really nice. They made us super comfortable. The editing process, they didn’t give us any feedback. They were like just, ‘Hey, cool,’ then just upload. They’re absolutely amazing. That made me like the band even more.

— Danny Kim

2. Kim Woojin (10x Entertainment)

For David, he mentioned his interview with Kim Woojin as one of his best experiences. David said 10x Entertainment were “super cooperative.” He appreciated that the company allowed him to ask deeper questions as opposed to heavily editing what David was allowed to ask.

David interviewed Kim Woojin (right). | DKDKTV/YouTube 

3. Dreamcatcher (Dreamcatcher Company)

The pair also revealed that Dreamcatcher and their company were very “chill” and accommodating, even though DKDKTV “were taking a lot of their time.”

DKDKTV did carpool noraebang with Dreamcatcher. | DKDKTV/YouTube 

4. OMEGA X (SPIRE Entertainment)

Danny and David said that their interview with OMEGA X was probably the longest they had ever filmed!

We took out half their day. I think that’s the most we’ve spent with idols, because usually these idol interviews, they will last like 30 [minutes] to an hour. But OMEGA X, they were like, there for 4 hours, 5 hours.

— Danny Kim

DKDKTV interviewed OMEGA X. | DKDKTV/YouTube 

While Spire Entertainment was cooperative during the interview, it would later be revealed they were abusive towards the members themselves behind the scenes.

5. Collaborators VS. Outsourced Workers

Danny and David said that the experience varies between labels. Some labels can be very welcoming and work with DKDKTV like collaborators, sharing their content on official social media. However, others will approach the interview a whole different way!

| DKDKTV/YouTube 

David Kim: But some labels, on the other hand, would be very closed, very strict, very…

Danny Kim: Treating us like we’re outsourced workers, is what I would say. We would never work with that label ever again.

We would never work with that label ever again.” | DKDKTV/YouTube

6. Hyper-managed

Before the videos can go out to the public, DKDKTV are required to get approval from the company. They are often told to remove certain clips for any reason.

Oh, by the way, that I don’t like.” | DKDKTV/YouTube 

One time a company said this male idol’s reaction to a female idol looked “too excited,” and requested for it to be cut out!

| DKDKTV/YouTube 

Not only that, but even the selfies taken on set need to be approved before being uploaded.

| DKDKTV/YouTube

David said that the labels will Photoshop the members in the pictures and then send it back. Danny, however, said that sometimes the label will Photoshop them as well!

7. Getting ghosted

The duo said bigger labels will sometimes “power trip” them, using their status as a reason to treat them poorly. David shared that one time, a label even ghosted the team!

David and Danny referred to it as being “power-tripped.” | DKDKTV/YouTube 

The label first delayed the interview, then gave the duo a vague answer as to how they’ll proceed, only to then leave them hanging on the scheduled day of filming.

| DKDKTV/YouTube 

Check out the full video below!



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