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The Famous 19 Year Old Idol Who Has Already Debuted In 6 Different Groups & Units

Fans constantly praise her resilience and versatility 👏

With the fierce competitiveness of the K-Pop industry, thousands dream of stardom, but only a few achieve it. Many aspiring idols train for years with the hope of one day making their debut. However, even after debuting, the road to recognition and success can be a steep climb. For some, it takes multiple debuts in various groups and units to truly make their mark.

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That’s exactly what happened to TripleS‘s Chaeyeon, who is now on her sixth different debut at only 19 years of age.

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Chaeyeon was born on December 4, 2004, in Seoul, South Korea. Her foray into the entertainment industry began early. At just four years old, she made her acting debut in the South Korean film Scandal Makers. This early exposure to the limelight sparked her interest in the entertainment field.

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Chaeyeon’s journey in the world of K-Pop began at the tender age of ten when she joined CutieL, a children’s group, as a second-generation member in 2014. Though her time with CutieL was short-lived, as all second-generation members departed in 2017, it served as a stepping stone into the world of K-Pop. Her time with CutieL helped her gain initial exposure and experience in performing, which proved invaluable in her later endeavors.


Chaeyeon’s next big step came at 13, with her debut in the girl group Busters in 2017. Formed to promote a TV series, Busters provided Chaeyeon a platform to showcase her growing talents on a larger stage. Her time with the group was pivotal, allowing her to develop and demonstrate her skills as a performer and vocalist.


At 17, Chaeyeon took a significant leap in her career by joining TripleS in 2022, a new girl group under Modhaus. This debut marked a new chapter in her career, showcasing her maturity and refined talent. TripleS’s unique structure and concept provided Chaeyeon with a fresh challenge and an opportunity to reach a broader audience.

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In the same year as her TripleS debut, Chaeyeon became a part of Krystal Eyes, one of the sub-units within TripleS. This debut allowed her to explore different musical styles and concepts, further diversifying her experience and showcasing her versatility as an artist.


As she turned 18, Chaeyeon continued her journey with TripleS by joining another sub-unit in 2023, EVOLution. This addition to her portfolio signified her continuous growth and adaptability in the dynamic world of K-pop. Each sub-unit presented her with unique challenges and opportunities to connect with a different segment of the audience.


Lastly, Chaeyeon recently debuted in yet another TripleS subunit, ARIA. This was the group’s first ballad subunit, with the members — including Chaeyeon — being selected by their own fans through voting events. This debut showcased Chaeyeon’s ability to delve into more emotive and nuanced musical expressions, further proving her as a multifaceted artist.



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