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The Hilariously Petty Reason Why GOT7’s BamBam Unfollowed His Old Boss J.Y. Park On Instagram

BamBam was salty, but then…

In early 2021, JYP Entertainment announced that all the GOT7 members would not renew their contracts.


When GOT7 was preparing to leave JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young (the CEO of JYP Entertainment) unfollowed several GOT7 members on social media. GOT7’s BamBam unfollowed Park Jin Young and deleted a picture he took with him. Fans found this both hilarious and savage.

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In an interview with Vogue Korea, BamBam spoke about this. He began by discussing how the GOT7 members discussed their decision to leave JYP Entertainment for over a year. He also shared that while they left the company, they still had a good relationship with Park Jin Young, and BamBam even recently ate with him.

Q: You must have talked to the members before deciding to leave JYP.

We discussed it for over a year. At first, we all felt a bit confused about where we should go from there. It was the first time leaving for all of us. We ended up making the decision that worked best for GOT7 and JYP both. Anyway, I recently got to hang out and eat with JYP PD-nim not too long ago.

— BamBam

GOT7’s BamBam

Park Jin Young told BamBam that he will always be a part of the JYP family and that they should collaborate in the future! This touched BamBam, and he said that he would never forget his time at JYP Entertainment.

Q: What did you eat?

PD-nim bought me KBBQ. He said, ‘You’re still family to JYP. Let’s work on a collab later.’ It felt encouraging. It’s almost like I graduated from JYP and now adventuring into a new world. Now that I’m with a new agency, I have new friends. But I will never, ever forget my roots at JYP.

— BamBam

Park Jin Young

Regarding the incidents on social media, BamBam shared that it was all a misunderstanding!

Q: There was a bit of talk when you deleted the pic of you & JYP on Instagram.

Oh, PD-nim unfollowed me first – by accident. I asked him about that while having KBBQ. He said he had no idea. He’s not that savvy with Instagram. I deleted the picture because I felt slightly salty and told him that. He laughed at me so hard. So I want everyone to know now there’s no beef there. I am always and forever welcome at JYP to eat at their organic restaurant. I’ve got unlimited access.

— BamBam

After leaving JYP Entertainment, the GOT7 members signed with different agencies, but they often stated that they didn’t disband and will be releasing music in the future! And well, they did, releasing “NANANA” together following their departure from JYP Entertainment.




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