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The Mystery Of BTS Suga’s Tattoo Is Now Half-Solved, Thanks To V

We’ve ALMOST closed the case…

Now that six of BTS‘s seven members have revealed their matching “7” tattoos, fans are more curious than ever about Suga‘s.


Tattooist Polyc SJ inked each 7 in a different body part. Both these locations and the style of each 7 reflect the members’ various personalities and preferences.

Back in August, Suga confirmed that he has gotten his yet-to-be-seen tattoo. During a live broadcast, he invited fans to guess its location.

| Weverse

I got the tattoo, I got it. I just won’t tell you where it is. Try to find it.

— Suga

A few weeks later, eagle-eyed fans spotted what appeared to be Suga’s 7 on his foot.

It was a good guess but not the correct one. “It’s not there…” Suga wrote on the Weverse app.

Now, half of this mystery has been solved, thanks to V. On December 16, V posted photos from his recent trip to Mexico on Instagram. One revealed V’s 7 tattoo, located on his left thigh.

V | @thv/Instagram

ARMYs might not know where Suga’s tattoo is yet, but they now know exactly what it looks like. By process of elimination, Suga’s 7 must be the one in the bottom right-hand corner of this design.

Hopefully, Suga will unveil his tattoo soon! Until then, check out more photos from V’s trip here:

BTS’s V Finally Reveals His Iconic “7” Friendship Tattoo In An Almost Shirtless Picture From His Trip To Mexico

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