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The New Queer K-Pop Group To Stan—Get To Know QI.X

A new queer K-Pop group recently debuted, and you’re going to wanna stan.

From left: YOURA, Maek, Prin, and jiGOOK | Sweet Potato Productions 

Meet QI.X.

| Sweet Potato Productions 

QI.X is made up of four members: Prin, Maek, jiGOOK, and YOURA.

| @ildaro/Twitter

Prin, born October 10, 2000, holds the positions of Leader, Main Vocal, Main Dancer, and Lead Rapper. They are non-binary and go by They/Them pronouns. Prin had given up on their dream of becoming a K-Pop idol due to the industry being unaccepting of “queer” idols.

Spread the wings in the world of non binary idol world!

— @QIX_Official/Twitter

Sweet Potato Productions 

JiGOOK, born on December 23, 1995, is the Lead Vocalist and Main Rapper. He self-identifies as a “fluid non-binary trans male, sometimes genderless,” so they use He/They pronouns.

Musician and drag artist, check! Next is idol superstar!

— @QIX_Official/Twitter

Sweet Potato Productions 

Maek, born on September 24, 1996, is the Main Vocalist and Lead Rapper. They identify as genderqueer and use They/Them pronouns. They are very passionate about social issues, so in addition to being a K-Pop idol, they work at Seoul Disabled People’s Rights Film Festival and the transgender rights organization JOGAKBO.

I’m not pretty enough to be an idol? Watch me. I’m the princess!

— @QIX_Official/Twitter

Sweet Potato Productions 

Fun fact: Prin and Maek were friends prior to joining QI.X!

| @QIX_Official/Twitter


YOURA, born on May 7, 2000, is Lead Vocalist. They are questioning, so they wish not to label themselves while using They/Them pronouns. Like Prin, they originally thought a K-Pop idol career was impossible primarily due to their appearance. YOURA is currently on a break.

This cutie is here to steal your heart and your girl

— @QIX_Official/Twitter

Sweet Potato Productions 

QI.X is under the independent label Sweet Potato Productions. They made their official debut on November 19, 2022, with their song “Lights Up.” They performed it at the Transgender Day of Remembrance Memorial Party.

The group is active on social media, including Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

Their fandom name is QTZ! How cute is that?


Celebrating my 900 days on #hrt and proper way to ask QTZ to be my #valentine #teenagedream #cover #QIX #큐아이엑스 #jiGOOK #지국 #lbgtq #pride

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – QIX – QIX

Unfortunately, since debuting, QI.X have faced criticism, primarily homophobia. Still, they are persevering, thanks to QTZ’s love and support.

While the K-Pop industry might not have been open and accepting of the members, they are surely making a change and inspiring others by debuting independently.

Previously, Lionesses, the first openly LGBTQ+ K-Pop boy group, debuted. So, slowly but surely, we will see more LGBTQIA+ representation in South Korea! Read more below.

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Source: KProfiles and QIX_Official

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