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The Newest Lightsticks Announced Aren’t For K-Pop Groups…But Thai BL Couples Instead

The designs are really cute!

One of the merchandise items that K-Pop fans identify with the most is lightsticks. Many groups have their own specially designed lightsticks that fans can purchase and use during concerts or other events.

Stray Kids’ lightstick | JYP Shop

Lightsticks are so important that the debut of a new design can attract mixed reactions from fans and netizens. For example, the debut of the second version of ATEEZ’s lightstick received a range of reactions from fans, while IVE’s lightstick debut attracted different comments from netizens.

The latest lightstick debuts are attracting attention not because of how they look but instead who they are for.

GMMTV is a Thai television production and talent subsidiary that produces television shows, songs, and music videos, including BL (or boy-love) dramas. On the GMMTV official site, fans can purchase a variety of official merchandise from their favorite shows.


On February 8, the GMMTV shop’s official Twitter account shared two new products that would be available for preorder, surprising fans. While a lightstick announcement would not necessarily be shocking for a musician, GMMTV announced two lightstick designs for two of its BL couples!

The first lightstick resembles a baby’s bottle and is for the OffGun couple (Off” Jumpol Adulkittiporn and “Gun” Atthaphan Phunsawat) that has appeared in many different dramas and shows including Senior Secret Love, OffGun Fun Night, and Theory of Love.


Off (left) and Gun (right). | GMMTV

The second lightstick is for the TayNew couple (“Tay” Tawan Vihokratana and “New” Thitipoom Techaapaikhun) known for their appearances in Dark Blue Kiss and Kiss Me: The Series.


Tay (left) and New (right). | GMMTV

Both lightsticks boast being co-designed by each couple, and it seems like fans are anticipating their release.

BL actors often hold in-person fan meetings, just like K-celebrities, where they perform and play games with fans, so it makes sense why these two couples would get their lightsticks!

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