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The One Thing That Can Bring Down BLACKPINK Jennie’s Mood In An Instant

But thankfully she’s happy now!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie released a new vlog on her YouTube channel dedicated to showing fans what happens behind the scenes in Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week vlog 1-35 screenshot

At one point, she couldn’t help but gush over the warm weather while she was heading to her CHANEL fitting in a car.

The weather is so nice omg.

— Jennie


When her friend added, “Seriously, it changes my mood,” Jennie couldn’t help but agree. There is one thing that changes her mood in one go: the weather.

Whenever she’s in Europe, she greatly notices the presence of the sun. Gloomy, dark skies creep up to match her mood while sunny days instantly give her energy

For real. When in Paris, the weather has to be good. For me when I come to Europe, if the weather is gloomy, it affects my mood

— Jennie

Lucky for her, the weather in Paris at the time of filming changed from dark to bright. It made her incredibly happy to be in France at that time.

Up until yesterday the weather was very gloomy so I was worried that the weather might not be good during my time here. But the weather cleared up magically I’m in a really good mood.

— Jennie

Check out the full video below to learn more about Jennie!





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