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The “Running Man” Cast Has Rules For Any Man Who Wants To Date Jeon So Min

She has so many oppas in “Running Man” looking out for her!

The Running Man cast members share a deep bond far beyond a professional relationship. At this point, after sharing the same screen for over a decade, they’re more like family members. They tease each other and fight over minor things, but they still have each other’s back in the end.

The current Running Man cast | SBS

They’re so involved in each other’s lives that Jeon So Min claims men are afraid to approach her because of the older male members! In episode 621 of Running Man, the entire cast was together in a van on the way to the SBS building, so they decided to fill the airtime with some small talk about So Min’s dating life.

The Running Man cast | Viu

Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook also said that it’s impossible to see So Min secretly because they often see each other. When she said, “But I could just want a casual relationship.” All the male Running Man members immediately denied her request!

Her overprotective oppas (the Korean word women use to address older male friends) can’t help but baby their precious female maknae (the Korean word for the youngest in a group.) Haha then began dictating the rules any man must follow if they wanted to date So Min, the first being that they were only allowed to hold hands after 100 days of dating.

If he wanted to kiss her, he would have to wait an entire year!

So Min gladly joined in on the fun by saying Haha should also be around when they kiss with a plastic bag over his head.

He added that he would also monitor their group chat, but he promised he wouldn’t say a word.

Although the Running Man cast was exaggerating a lot, there was definitely a hint of truth in their warnings, so suitors beware!



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