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The Two TWICE Members Who Would Get Married To Each Other

They immediately picked each other too!

During TWICE‘s appearance on Jessi‘s Showterview, Mina and Chaeyoung revealed that if they were to date and marry a fellow member, they’d choose each other—here’s why.

TWICE appeared on Jessi‘s Showterview, and one Q&A question had the members flustered: “The one you would like to date the most… dating with marriage in mind!” While TWICE’s unnie line were hesitant to choose, two members made their decisions instantly: Mina and Chaeyoung, who chose each other.

| Mobidic/YouTube

We just made a new couple!

— Jo Jung Shik

Their mutual agreement had Chaeyoung blushing—though she insisted that was only because the other members were teasing her. But why did they choose each other? Both Mina and Chaeyoung had their own adorable reasons.

TWICE’s Mina (left), Chaeyoung (right) | Mobidic/YouTube

On Chaeyoung’s side, the 24-year-old main rapper said she chose Mina-unnie because she’d “make a good wife and a wise mother.”

| JYP Entertainment

As for Mina, the 26-year-old co-main dancer divulged that she’s been asked this question many times before, even before TWICE made their debut, and she’s always picked Chaeyoung. “Apparently,” said Mina, “she’s beloved so much and very lovely.”

| JYP Entertainment

I think they click with each other,” Jessi stated after hearing their sweet revelations about each other. But while “MiChaeng” had viewers watching intently with heart eyes, Momo soon broke the tension by making everyone laugh.

When Jessi pointed out that Momo seemed to dislike the question since she didn’t choose a fellow member, she responded, “Why would I pick someone here?

TWICE’s Momo | Mobidic/YouTube




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