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The Way BTS’s V And Jimin Changed How The World Sees Male Skinship

There’s nothing wrong with men holding hands.

As BTS rise to their unrivaled K-Pop stardom, they have eyes watching from all over the world. This means every little thing they do can easily become a sensational talk across the globe. From what they wear to what they say, BTS are inevitably at the very center of everyone’s attention.


With that said, ARMYs have since noticed how members V and Jimin are always touchy with each other. And as taboo as it may be for two grown men to come in physical contact with each other, these best of best friends have never been shy to show off their decade-old friendship.

BTS’s Jimin (left) and V (right).

From holding hands…

… to giving hugs…

… V and Jimin are constantly connected somehow. And this shameless public display of affection was, at first, questionable to some fans.

It became clear soon enough though — when a friendship grows as deep and strong as V and Jimin’s, it transcends all social norms. V and Jimin consider each other closer than family. So what is a little hand-holding?

And as often as their PDA gets dubbed as bromance, that is not quite what it is. This combination of V and Jimin — also known as #vmin or #95z — is actually friendship goals.

ARMYs often end up wishing for a soulmate too, who will hold their hands as firmly in such complete trust and endless love as V holds Jimin’s.

Sometimes all the feelings a brother has for another cannot be expressed in any other way than a solid hug. And finally, the rest of the world is slowly beginning to catch on —  while V and Jimin don’t waste any time reminding each other how much they mean to each other.




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