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The World’s Rarest BTS Photos — Only 12 Out Of Millions Of ARMY Own Them

How many thousands are they worth now?

From photo cards to signed albums, BTS merch can be resold for anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Fans also create their own merchandise to sell to fans, although there is a fine line between what is legal and what counts as copyright infringement.

For instance, this Jungkook photocard from 2014 was listed on eBay for $700 USD, and that’s the cheapest one on the site. The highest-priced listing is over $1,000 USD.

| eBay

If limited-edition photocards can fetch a high price, how high might the bidding go for the rarest of rare BTS photographs? OSEN released digital photos of 12 BTS Polaroids from their exclusive collaboration with BTS.


The beauty of analog Polaroids is that they were one of a kind, though modern instant-photo cameras can now produce multiple prints. These solo photos were taken in 2018, during BTS’s beloved Love Yourself era…


Each one was personally signed by the corresponding member…


…and given away at a fan event. According to OSEN’s report, 12 lucky ARMYs won the Polaroids out of countless fans who applied for the event.


If you happen to be one of those 12 ARMYs, hold on to your prize! It’s a unique piece of BTS history, and it could be worth a fortune someday.


Check out the rest of the photos here:






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