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The Worst Parts About Being A K-Pop Idol, According To Apink’s Bomi, Eunji, And Chorong

These were their biggest regrets.

In two separate interviews, Apink’s CHOBOM (Chorong and Bomi) and Eunji opened up about their biggest regrets from the past decade in the K-Pop industry. The three women have been singers since their debut in 2011 with the title track “I Don’t Know,” so they are more than familiar with the highs and lows of the job.


When speaking to Weverse Magazine, Bomi admitted that it has been a struggle to find new sides to themselves. The group is famous for having one image—being friendly—making it difficult for them to break out of it.

I think Apink has an image of being a friendly group. But even with that friendliness, I hope we can try finding new sides to ourselves.

— Bomi


On a more solemn note, the “Dilemma” singer opened up about one of her biggest regrets: being “really shy and nervous” when she hit her 20s. Now that she is in her 30s, she hopes to be more confident and try more things without holding herself back.

Looking back now, I was really shy and nervous in my 20s so I didn’t try many things, but I really regret that now. That’s why I want to try everything I can now in my 30s. That’s how I want to try living my life for now.

— Bomi

On the other hand, Chorong’s biggest regret is that she wasn’t able to get to know herself to a deeper degree.


Until now, she is still not sure what she is good at or how she can still improve herself.

I think I’ve lived a good life so far as a member of Apink, but I’m still not sure what I’m good at or what I could be doing better as Park Chorong, the person. So I’m going to keep looking for different sides of myself from now on by trying new things in different areas. I want to get to know myself better.

— Chorong

Finally, during a recent interview with Korea Herald, Eunji opened up about the dark side of being a star at such a young age. She soon learned that the industry was extremely fast-paced—much too fast for her to keep up.

Eunji | SBS

By nature, she is cautious and takes her time. But the K-Pop industry was unrelenting. For example, when asked questions, she had to come up with an answer immediately. She was expected to quickly adapt and change herself.

I felt like nothing lasted,” she confessed.

Everything was too fast for me. I’m innately a slow person and tend to be very cautious when I act. But this industry demanded that I move at a much faster pace. People would ask questions and expect an instant answer. I felt washed away by those questions, just trying to catch up with what was given. Maybe it’s because I’m slow, but looking back, I felt like nothing lasted.

— Eunji

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Source: Korea Herald and Weverse Magazine




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