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Think BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wasn’t On Theme At The “Met Gala”? Think Again!

Fans have come to the star’s defense.

Last night’s Met Gala saw BLACKPINK‘s Jennie turning heads in a stunning blue gown, but some critics questioned whether her ensemble fit the event’s theme. However, fans of the K-Pop superstar were quick to defend her choice, pointing out that her outfit perfectly aligned with this year’s theme, “The Garden of Time.”

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| @KGAJA2023/X (formerly known as Twitter)

The 2024 Met Gala’s theme, inspired by J.G. Ballard’s short story, divided its focus into three elements: Land, Sea, and Sky. The theme is intended to showcase the transient and cyclical nature of fashion, mirroring the ephemeral qualities of nature highlighted in the spring 2024 exhibit, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.”

met gala red carpet
The garden-like “red” carpet for this year’s Met Gala. | NBC News

Jennie’s choice of attire was a radiant blue dress designed by Pieter Mulier. According to Vogue, the dress took over 200 hours to craft and incorporate 13 meters of crepe Georgette fabric. The dress featured an asymmetric drape with a cut-out waist and a long train, culminating in a ruffled waist. This design was influenced by similar styles seen in recent “Alaïa” collections.

Accompanying her dress, Jennie wore minimal accessories, including a pearl waist chain and matching large pearl earrings. Her marine-themed strappy heels complemented the dress’s color, enhancing the oceanic aspect of her look.

Fans argue that Jennie’s outfit was a deliberate and clever nod to the “Sea” component of the Met Gala’s theme. While many attendees opted for interpretations centered on land and floral elements, Jennie stood out by embodying the sea. This choice not only adhered to the theme but also showcased her unique take on the Gala’s broad motif.

jennie met gala
| @KGAJA2023/X (formerly known as Twitter)


Supporters on social media rallied to the BLACKPINK star’s defense with different posts on X (formerly known as Twitter) pointing out how Jennie cleverly fit the theme.

In conclusion, Jennie’s Met Gala look was not just a display of fashion but a thoughtful interpretation of this year’s theme, proving her critics wrong and highlighting her creative approach to the motif.

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