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“This Will Get Me In Trouble”—ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Spills The Truth Behind Their Practice Room Mishap

They did something they shouldn’t have…

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where he talked about his love for baseball, video games, and more.


Towards the end, he also revealed the truth behind one of the accidents that the group caused. He spilled the beans despite knowing that he might have to face his members afterwards.

I think this will get me in trouble!

— Ni-Ki

ENHYPEN, it turns out, was the reason why there is a hole in the wall of their practice room. Instead of using it as it was intended—to practice their dancing—they were playing football!

It wasn’t while playing baseball; we were playing soccer. There’s wood behind the wall in the practice room and we broke it.

— Ni-Ki

When one of the unnamed members kicked the ball into the wall, they knew right away that they did something wrong.

You can hear it when you knock on the wall. It sounds different. Anyway, we were all playing soccer together and there was a ‘snap.’

— Ni-Ki


Ni-Ki shyly admitted that he was most likely the one to blame!

Whoever caused that snap broke it and I think I might have been the one.

— Ni-Ki

| @enhypen/Instagram

He promised the staff members that they’ll be more careful, proving it by saying that they “don’t play soccer anymore.” He also hilariously admitted that his body aches too much to be sporty anyway—despite being just 17 years old.

We were told to be careful, but we don’t play soccer anymore, so it’s okay. I’m getting older and I’m having trouble moving around.

— Ni-Ki

Learn more about what he said in this Weverse Magazine interview below.

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