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TWICE Had The Most Dramatic Reactions To Dropping “Raw” Eggs

They acted like a bomb was about to explode.

TWICE‘s reality series TIME TO TWICE recently returned on their YouTube channel with a new cooking battle concept for the members. Unfortunately, Nayeon could not join them initially since she had a separate schedule in Busan.

The TWICE members (without Nayeon) | TWICE/YouTube

In the first episode, they divided into two teams and competed to decide which ingredients they would use for their dishes. One of the games they played was a variation of the infamous “walnuts are here,” where they had to slowly transfer walnuts from one side of an egg carton to the other without dropping them.

This time, the naughty staff members made them play with real eggs, so if they dropped, the TWICE members would get splashed!

Of course, the girls were freaked out.

At first, they played so carefully that none of the eggs dropped.

But eventually, one of them had to make a mistake. Momo was the unfortunate victim, but all the members acted like a bomb was about to go off!

The eggs hit the ground…but didn’t splatter! The staff members revealed that they were hard-boiled eggs all along.

Even though the director faked them out, TWICE’s fear was genuine, so much so that they felt like the eggs fell in slow motion.

ONCEs are looking forward to who will win the cooking battle between all the members!

Watch the full episode below. TWICE play the “walnuts are here” game at the 14:12 mark.




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