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TWICE’s Jihyo Showed Stellar Leadership Qualities At The “Time To Twice” TDOONG Cooking Battle

She made the whole process smoothly flowing and organized without being bossy.

TWICE‘s Jihyo displayed inspiring leadership qualities as she took charge of her team for the “Time To Twice” TDOONG Cooking Battle.

Jihyo assumed a take-charge attitude when she managed her team as they started the competition by organizing her teammates and the tasks.

| TWICE/YouTube 

From time to time, she would check her team to see if anyone needed help or to ensure the tasks were all performed within their timeframe.

| TWICE/YouTube 

She also showed Momo and Sana how things needed to be done, like the proper way to chop ingredients.

| TWICE/YouTube 

Since Dahyun was assigned to do all the challenges for them to get the ingredients they lacked, she guided Dahyun on what ingredients to ask for after every successful challenge.

| TWICE/YouTube 

She took responsibility for the main dish, preparing the Braised Pork With Kimchi using whatever ingredients were already available.

| TWICE/YouTube 

When she was done preparing the main dish, she offered to help with the ingredients that still needed to be chopped.

| TWICE/YouTube 

With her stewardship, they did their tasks smoothly and without panicking; everything was organized.


Watch the full video of the “Time To Twice” TDOONG Cooking Battle here:






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