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Veteran Actor Shocks MZ Generation With His Unexpected Fan Service

Idols are gonna need to step up their game!

Veteran actor Choi Min Sik (62), who recently gained much attention for his role in the movie Exhuma, is also receiving attention for something else! During the stage greeting for the movie, Choi shocked fans and netizens with his unexpectedly trendy fan service.

According to the publicity agency, Choi attended 73 stage greetings since the movie’s release. At these greetings, he gladly put on hats and accessories given by fans.

He doesn’t even know what these characters are, and yet he wears them for the fans. He’s such a cool guy.

— Movie audience member

With this, people agree that his fan service is a role model for the film industry. A Showbox official stated, “Until now, fan service has been mostly for idols, but now even middle-aged and older veterans partake in this culture.”

A theater official added, “Even if they are not fans of the actor if word spreads about good fan service, more people tend to attend more of these stage greetings. Regardless of whether these stage greetings help box office sales, the actors come to express their gratitude to the fans.”



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