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Viral Filipino-American TikTok Couple Defends Themselves Against “Green Card” Accusations

Here’s why netizens are doubtful.

A Filipino-American couple often goes viral on social media due to their contrasting appearances.

Scott Smith and Divine Rapsing are a husband and wife duo who post relatable relationship content on their social media accounts. They have over 120,000 followers on Instagram; 507,000 on YouTube; and 562,000 on TikTok. Besides standing out by being an interracial couple, netizens can’t help but constantly comment on how the latter, a so-called “hot wife,” is too good for her husband.


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Because of how much they stand out as a couple, they often receive comments asking if they are in a transactional relationship.

Divine, as someone from a poorer country, is also accused of being a gold digger and for staying with Scott just to get a green card to relocate to the United States, after which she will divorce him.

The two have publicly denounced these assumptions on their channel and on interviews. In an episode of Love Don’t Judge, they shared the story of how they met, explaining that Divine found Scott on Facebook, mistaking him for a man she was talking to during her call center agent work hours. Though he wasn’t the person she was looking for, they quickly hit it off.

We met on Facebook actually. I accidentally like added him because I was looking for a different person…I thought it was him so I added him and then sent him a message.

Divine Rapsing

Scott was initially worried that the “pretty girl” he was talking to was a catfish. They eventually fell in love, however, and even met in person despite his health conditions.

There’s this pretty girl messaging me on Messenger and I’m just like, ‘I don’t know who she thinks she’s talking to but it worked out in my favor.’ I was extremely happy then we just started chatting after a few months of being exclusive online.

Scott Smith

My 'Hot Wife' Isn't With Me For A Green Card _ LOVE DON'T JUDGE 2-18 screenshot

His first visit to the Philippines was in November 2017 where they explored the country’s islands together. They eventually returned to his rented apartment where he got down on one knee and proposed.

We came back and we stayed at this condo. I get on my knee and she’s like, ‘What are you doing?’ And I’m just like, ‘Divine will you marry me?’

Scott Smith


They now pay no heed to the hate comments, having seen them repeatedly each day since they started their online journey. They affirmed that they’re “just two normal people” who fell in love.

There’s just no affect anymore because you keep seeing the same thing over and over again. We’re just two normal people. There’s always going to be someone out there that’s not going to think about it [your appearance].


My 'Hot Wife' Isn't With Me For A Green Card _ LOVE DON'T JUDGE 3-48 screenshot

They now spend their time showing both sides of what it’s like being in an interracial relationship.


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Source: Daily Star and Instagram

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