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Virtual Male Idol Under Fire Over Past Mixtape

Netizens figured out his identity.

In a unique controversy, a member of the virtual idol boy group PLAVE faced backlash over his past mixtape.

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PLAVE | Wikitree

PLAVE, much like the popular girl group MAVE, is a virtual K-Pop group consisting of real singers who are represented by virtual avatars in music videos and even “live” performances. A few months ago, fans discovered that Eunho, the main rapper of the group, was a real idol and an underground rapper with several mixtapes under his name.

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Eunho | Wikitree

One of the songs on a mixtape by Eunho, titled “B*tch,” came under scrutiny for its misogynistic lyrics. In the song, he describes a conventionally attractive woman and proceeds to call her a “b*tch,” asking her to pay for her own meals and degrading her with other remarks. In fact, several of his songs on different mixtapes frequently use the word “b*tch” to refer to women, and in one song, Eunho included lyrics depicting a woman terrorized by her stalker.

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One of Eunho’s mixtape tracks | Nate Pann

After the lyrics went viral online, drawing backlash from netizens, the real-life singer behind Eunho apologized. He explained that the lyrics were fictional and a result of his immaturity at a younger age.

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Eunho’s apology | Nate Pann

While netizens didn’t seem convinced of this apology, the group’s management, VLAST, responded with a warning against spreading misinformation about any of the members of the virtual group. Meanwhile, the quintet is preparing to release their 2nd mini album, ASTERUM: 134-1, on February 26.



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