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What Filipina K-Pop Idol Gehlee Did To Leave The Strongest Impression On “Universe Ticket” Contestants

No one else was like that!

Gehlee, a rookie Filipino K-Pop idol from UNIS, was chosen by Universe Ticket contestant Haram as the most memorable contestant on the show. She explained why in a recent interview with Pocket TV.


When asked to pick who left a lasting impression on her, Haram didn’t hesitate to choose Gehlee. She explained, “Gehlee Dangca was memorable. She had a different force, and I never saw anyone like her.”

And it was all because of the way Gehlee carries herself. To better illustrate her point, Haram used responding to greetings as an example.

She said that while Koreans and other contestants greeted each other the normal way by waving their hands and saying hello, Gehlee would gracefully put her hands together and tilt her head while smiling.

It’s no wonder fans call her a princess! They were also happy to know that contestants were drawn to her unique character and found her to be the most memorable one on the show.

With UNIS’s official debut fast approaching, it won’t be long before Gehlee will have more opportunities to showcase her princess personality.


Meanwhile, watch the full interview below.



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