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What’s The Biggest Change For SEVENTEEN After Becoming HYBE Artists?

Obviously, they love it.

Since becoming a part of the HYBE family, SEVENTEEN opened up about whether or not they’ve felt any major changes with the switch.

Seungkwan, Jun, and Jeonghan. | @pledis_17/Twitter

When Seungkwan featured on rapper Lee Young Ji‘s series No Prepare, she asked him if he felt “a big difference” after joining the HYBE family. There was one that instantly came to mind for the idol.

Seungkwan couldn’t wait to praise “the quality of the agency building.” There was one part of the HYBE building that caused a lot of excitement, even from fellow member Hoshi.

He and the other members were impressed by the huge size of the practice rooms. Seungkwan even showed how spacious it was in a past live broadcast.

Seungkwan said, “If you practice there, it feels different.” Lee Young Ji made him laugh by comparing its size to a baseball stadium.

With thirteen members, no wonder SEVENTEEN would love the super big practice rooms.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Watch Seungkwan discuss one of the positive changes of becoming part of the HYBE family.




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