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Where Are They Now? The K-Pop Girl Group Fans Say Had The “Cheapest” Looking Music Video Ever

A watermark can be seen on the green screen at one point during the music video.

When one thinks of K-Pop, a few different things usually come to mind — great music, sharp choreography, and outstanding visuals. Groups have been praised for the aesthetics of their releases, which can be costly.

BLACKPINK are often praised for the visuals in their music videos. | YG Entertainment

Many groups in larger companies can have impressive music videos, but many other artists under smaller labels must sometimes cut costs to release new music.

In late 2019, the first subunit of the group Q6IX was announced, exciting fans for the group’s eventual debut.

Almost a year later, Q6IX made their debut as four members with the title track, “Hello Summer.”

While this MV did not have an extravagant set, many felt it felt like the track MVs other groups sometimes release and were just excited the group finally made their debut.

Q6IX would add a member in December 2020 and have two comebacks in 2021, “Blue Heart” and “IMAIZING.” The “Blue Heart” music video gained attention for all the wrong reasons among K-Pop fans.

While viewers thought the outfits worn by the group could have been better…

…the camera work and very obvious green screen had many wondering why the group did not just record outdoors. At one point, a watermark can be seen on the green screen video.

After releasing “IMAIZING,” two members departed from the group, bringing their total down to three. They did not have another comeback until their latest, “C.C,” was announced.

Many could tell this release would be different than the previous based on the video teasers that were shared before the music video dropped.

While it is not on the level of big companies’ large budget releases, many say “C.C” is a huge visual improvement and that the members have worked hard on their talents.

Many smaller groups disband in the first year after debut, so it’s nice to see some underdogs continue to do the work they love!



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