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Where Is She Now: The Child Model Who Was So Pretty, Fans Worried She’d Be “Abducted” By SM Entertainment

She’s still pretty, of course!

Olivia Jung (also known as Jung Won Hee) is a Korean child model who went viral in 2018 due to her striking appearance.

Olivia Jung | @olivia_jeung/Instagram

Born in 2007, she has been modeling ever since she was young. It’s clear from her photos at the time that she’s a natural in front of the camera!

She also already knew how to take selfies even at her young age.

She was so pretty, in fact, that netizens joked that she might get “abducted” by SM Entertainment. This is the company that is renowned for aggressively recruiting young kids who eventually grow up to be top visuals in the K-Pop entertainment industry such as EXO‘s Sehun, RIIZE‘s Eunseok, f(x)‘s Krystal, and more.

| @olivia_jeung/Instagram

Now, around five years later, Olivia is between 15 to 16 years old. A quick glance at her Instagram account will show you that she is making a name for herself as a micro influencer, boasting over 60 thousand followers.

She is also still active as a fashion model though she doesn’t often share the results of her photoshoots.

| @olivia_jeung/Instagram
| @olivia_jeung/Instagram

Olivia mainly posts photos of herself out and about in her daily life. She loves trying out new cafes and sharing pictures of herself at school.

| @olivia_jeung/Instagram
| @olivia_jeung/Instagram
| @olivia_jeung/Instagram
| @olivia_jeung/Instagram

Besides modeling, she dedicates much of her time practicing her dancing at K Dance Studio.

| @olivia_jeung/Instagram

She began taking hip hop classes with them in 2022.

Now, she’s even performing on stage alongside other students of the dance academy!

From then until now, she’s a visual through and through!

| @olivia_jeung/Instagram

Read more about her below!

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