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Who Does Visual Queen Kim Tae Hee Think Is The Prettiest Actress?

Actress Kim Tae Hee is known as the OG “Goddess” of South Korea. What’s even more unfair is that she has been pretty all her life. Take a look at her photos from her school days. She literally looks the same!

| 림언니/Naver

In her younger days, she looked fresh and innocent and was basically every Korean man’s dream girl. Her big doe eyes, fair skin, perfectly shaped face, high nose bridge and plump lips embodied the standard of Korean beauty back then. Not only that, she was known for her brains, having passed the exams into Seoul National University, South Korea’s top school.

On a variety show, she was once asked, just which female celebrity does she find the prettiest? As Korea’s top beauty herself, she had to clarify if it included herself or not.

Apart from her ownself, Kim Tae Hee answered straight up that the prettiest celebrity was Shin Min Ah.

Shin Min Ah is also one of South Korea’s most loved actresses. She’s well-loved for a different reason from Kim Tae Hee though! While Kim Tae Hee just exudes untouchable goddess vibes, Shin Min Ah is known for being the most lovely and adorable actress out there.

Her deep dimples and round cheeks make her look angelic.

She’s totally been slaying it as dentist Yoon Hye Jin on Hometown Cha Cha Cha though! Hometown Cha Cha Cha was Shin Min Ah’s comeback role to the small screen after a couple year break.

She then took on a completely different role in Our Blues as Min Seon Ah, a single mom.



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