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Who Is “Freen” Sarocha Chankimha? The Thai GL Star Taking The Internet By Storm

She’s also a huge BLACKPINK fan!

Over the last few years, BL dramas (Boy Love) have gained a massive following around the globe. While Korea has been catching up, Thailand is the country that comes to mind when one mentions BL.

BL Dramas are so popular that couples from the show often hold fan meetings — with K-Pop-styled lightsticks to match.

Lightstick for the actors Tay and New.

As of late, GL Dramas (Girl Love) have also seen a rise in popularity.

The first GL Drama in Thailand, Gap: The Series, captured the attention of drama fans worldwide, especially because of the chemistry between the main actresses — “Freen” Sarocha Chankimha and Rebecca Becky Armstrong (also known as their couple name FreenBecky or FreenBeck).

Freen (left) and Becky (right)| @srchafreen/Instagram

Many BLACKPINK fans have seen the two at the K-Pop group’s encore show in Thailand and may be wondering exactly who Freen is.

| @srchafreen/Instagram

Freen was born in Thailand in 1998 and first gained attention after competing in the 2016 Miss Teen Thailand contest, where she was one of the fifteen finalists. She scored her first big role in 2021 in the web series So Fit as Pria, one of the main characters.

| Bugaboo TV

Her next role came in 2022 in the drama Secret Crush On You as Kongkwan.

| Idol Factory
| Idol Factory

Though this character was supporting, fans could see her and Becky Armstrong, who also had a role in the drama, show off their chemistry for the very first time. This role foreshadowed Freen’s (and Becky’s) most significant role so far.

On November 19, Gap: The Series debuted, starring Becky and Freen as two coworkers who must overcome hurdles for their love, including an age gap and the royal status of Freen’s character Sam.

| Idol Factory
| Idol Factory

Freen was also featured on the drama’s original soundtrack, performing two solo songs and two duets with Becky.

Gap ended in mid-February, and Freen has remained busy, appearing alongside Becky at fan meetings. In addition to being named Thai ambassadors for the brand Aromagicare, the two won “People’s Choice” at the 2023 9Entertain Awards at the end of May.

| Aromagicare

Her next main role is set to be in the romance movie The Passengers with Becky sometime this year.

This talented beauty is also book-smart, having graduated from Rangsit University‘s College of Communication Arts with a public relations and corporate communication degree!

| @srchafreen/Instagram

We can’t wait to see what comes next for this talented star!

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