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Why JYP Entertainment Artists Have “Fewer Scandals,” According To J.Y. Park

He explains how he treats JYPE’s trainees and artists.

JYP Entertainment‘s founder and chief creative officer, J.Y. Park, is making his comeback on November 20 (KST) with his new song, “Changed Man.”

Kim Wan Sun (left) and J.Y. Park (right) | JYP Entertainment

Recently, J.Y. Park appeared on Psick University‘s PSICK SHOW, and he discussed the way he treats JYP Entertainment employees, the company culture, and the standards he wants employees to uphold.

JYP Entertainment is known for looking for trainees who are not only talented but also have a good attitude. NMIXX‘s Lily previously revealed that trainees are graded on their behavior based on how respectful they are and how attentive they are during class.

During J.Y. Park’s PSICK SHOW episode, host Lee Yong Ju stated that JYP Entertainment is famous for not having “scandals or troubles.

J.Y. Park gently clarified, “not no, but [few]” scandals. The PSICK SHOW hosts credited it to J.Y. Park’s “good instincts,” which the JYP founder proved when he briefly guessed the character of the PSICK SHOW hosts.

J.Y. Park identified host Jung Jae Hyung as the one he would watch out for if he were a JYP Entertainment trainee.

As for how he would manage Jung Jae Hyung as a trainee, J.Y. Park revealed that his secret would be to frequently meet with and talk to the trainee, personally guiding them.

The secret would also be to keep meeting with the trainee, not letting an extended period of time go by between their meetings in order for them to stay on track.

While J.Y. Park’s efforts to train upstanding individuals are often praised, he opened up during the episode about the mental health advice he gives his artists, which was met with backlash.

Learn more about that in the article below:

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