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Why Kwanghee Got Angry With Park Hyung Sik At ZE:A Fan Signings

He admitted to getting “pissed off” at Park Hyung Sik the most.

Since Kwanghee and actor Park Hyung Sik have known each other for over fourteen years, thanks to their debut as ZE:A members, the two didn’t hold back in revealing what they disliked about each other most for an episode of Domestic Gift Factory.

Park Hyung Sik and Kwanghee. | @ZEA_9/Twitter

Looking back on the years when ZE:A was active, Kwanghee remembered that Park Hyung Sik was the member who made him “pissed off” the most and shared the reason why. It was something out of Park Hyung Sik’s control.

Instead of an audience of fans supporting all the ZE:A members, Kwanghee looked out and saw a sea of Park Hyung Sik stans at their events. Kwanghee said, “Fans would bring placards, and the majority of them were for Park Hyung Sik.

So when the group saw someone holding a sign for Kwanghee at their fan signings, they would hype him up to avoid him feeling depressed. Eventually, Kwanghee started gaining fans and made Park Hyung Sik proud when they started showing up to fan events.

Now, the two idols have solid fan bases and successful solo careers while remaining as close as ever. They can also laugh about the many times they annoyed each other.



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