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Why WINNER Actually Pities Member Kang Seungyoon Despite Him Being The Richest

There’s something he doesn’t have…

WINNER is one of the oldest active K-Pop groups. The YG Entertainment boy group consists of members Song Minho (MINO), Kim Jinwoo (JINU), Lee Seunghoon (HOONY) and Kang Seungyoon (YOON).

WINNER | YG Entertaiment

They are a self-producing group who writes their own songs, with leader and youngest member Kang Seungyoon being the mastermind behind most of their hits such as “Really Really,” “LOVE ME LOVE ME,” “AH YEAH,” and more.

It is public knowledge that he is the wealthiest member when it comes to money made from their songs because of this. Despite this, however, the others do not hold any ill will towards him. In fact, in an interview on Radio Star, Seungyoon said that they even pity him.

Host: Kang Seungyoon, WINNER members feel most sorry for you?

Seungyoon: I think they take pity on me.

Cast Members: Wouldn’t they be envious? Isn’t he most financially stable? He gets lots of copyright profits. He’s financially better off.

The reason for this is because of his tendency to be a loner.

I’m actually quite an outsider so I don’t really meet friends.

 Kang Seungyoon

Having a small social circle did not bother him until he was forced to have a “reality check.” He realized that when he actually wanted to spend time with someone, there was no one he could readily call.

Recently, I had a reality check moment. The weather was so good, the flowers bloomed, it was pretty. So I went out thinking I should meet someone but there was no one I could meet. I had no friends to call out.

 Kang Seungyoon

captures_chrome-capture-2024-2-18 (2)

The other WINNER members found out and couldn’t help but give advice. They encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone and suggested different ways he could open up his social circles.

WINNER members give me advice. They say that I shouldn’t live like this, and tell me to meet friends.

 Kang Seungyoon


At the end of the day, they care about Seungyoon much more than they care about who earns the most!

Check out the full video below to learn more about WINNER.




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