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10+ Most Replay-Worthy Scenes From Red Velvet’s Memorable “Birthday” Comeback Music Video

Red Velvet brought out the best of the cute concept with their latest release, “Birthday.” It was proof that they know exactly what to do to make their fans smile.

From their visuals to their acting to their adlibs, the music video was filled with memorable scenes. Check out some key ones below!

1. When they were adorable and fresh

First up, Red Velvet undoubtedly lives up to the “Red” part of their name for sure.

2. When the cult-like scene came up

The girls holding hands around a prayer circle was a hilariously stark contrast to the cutesy scenes before it.

Fans weren’t surprised to see it there either.

3. When Seulgi fought the gingerbread man like the badass she is

She’s as cool as can be!

4. When Yeri was at the center

The bright concept fits Yeri like a glove.

5.When Red Velvet wasn’t invited to the party

Seulgi throwing a fit and Irene pouting made everyone’s day.

6. When Irene looked youthful

The pink cap worn backwards brought out her girl-next-door side.

7. When Wendy’s abs appeared on screen

The gasps of fans from all over the world could practically be heard.

8. When Joy’s golden voice caressed our ears

Reveluvs were blessed for sure.

9. And when she was surrounded by teddy bears

She was the definition of cute.

10. When Seulgi clasped her hands together

Speaking of cuteness, Seulgi wasn’t one to be left behind!

11. When Yeri winked at the camera

Don’t blink or you’ll miss this heart-stopping shot.

12. When the entire bridge played

Finally, there’s just something about the carefree vibe in the bridge that was simply perfect.

Check out relatable fan reactions to the “Birthday” music video below!

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