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Why Don’t BTS And NCT’s Hats And Headbands Ever Fall Off On Stage? Their Hairstylists Respond

Even intense dancing can’t shake it off.

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so rare to see BTS or NCT‘s headwear fly off their heads when dancing on stage, their hairstylists revealed how they prevent that from happening.


Hairstylist Hye In from Bit&Boot confirmed that it’s common for idols to wear headwear like hats and headbands while performing. Because of that, they have to take extra precautions.

Hye In proved how helpful hairpins could be. She said, “And when they have intense dance moves, the stylist prepares the safety pins on the hat or the hairband.

Hairstylist Ha Min detailed how they put the safety pins on every section of the hat to keep it stable on an idol’s head.

The founder of the hair salon, Park Nae Joo, confirmed that it took many pins to keep idols’ headwear safely on their heads. He said, “When you see artists with hats that never come off despite their dance moves, it’s because we used bobby pins.

To make sure idols look their best and can focus on performing their best, hairstylists always come to the rescue with useful techniques.

NCT’s Taeyong

Watch the three hairstylists of famous K-Pop groups share their valuable tips.



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