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Stray Kids’ Han Shows Off His Insane Duality After His Same-Day Airport Fashion Transformation

Han gave off completely different vibes before and after his flight to Japan.

Stray Kids recently made their way from Seoul, Korea, to Osaka, Japan, for the 2022 MAMA Awards (formerly known as the Mnet Asian Music Awards.)

At Incheon Airport, the group lined up ahead of their flight, dressed in their winter gear. When they landed in Osaka, however, Han removed a few layers and had fans shook with his transformation, giving off a completely different vibe.

(From left to right) Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Chanbin, Hyunjin, Han, Lee Know, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N at Incheon airport

Stray Kids are set to perform at the 2022 MAMA Awards at Kyocera Dome Osaka in Japan on November 29.

Although they were covered up in their winter clothes, the members still unsurprisingly earned attention for their designer looks, appearing effortlessly chic and turning the airport into their own personal runway.

At Incheon Airport, member Han wore a fashionable and functional outfit with a fuzzy beanie, a gray winter jacket, and silver jewelry as subtle accessories.

He wore a pair of trendy light wash jeans with the sides tie-dyed and a Saint Laurent belt.

While he was handsome and bundled up at Incheon Airport, he removed a few layers and earned attention for his k-drama-like visuals at the airport in Osaka.

With his jacket off and hair perfectly styled, he gave off totally different vibes. Han styled simply in a fitted black turtleneck sweater.

Han captivated fans with his subtle transformation, and STAYs couldn’t help but react to both looks, showing off his insane duality.

Han was captivatingly handsome in both outfits and certainly became the main event before the group’s year-end award show performance.

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