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10+ Songs From The Personal Playlists Of SEVENTEEN That CARATs Need To Listen To At Least Once

Fans will 100% agree with #5!

The members of SEVENTEEN have varied music tastes which they shared in an interview with Weverse Magazine. Here, they each revealed the songs they love to listen to whenever they have down time.

Check them out below!

1. S.Coups

Jacob Banks & Louis the Child – “Diddy Bop”

First up, leader S.Coups recommended “Diddy Bop” (2018) by soloist Jacob Banks and DJ duo Louis the Child. More than the sound itself, he loves the former’s emotional voice.

I listen to this song a lot because I like emotion you can hear in the vocals.

— S.Coups

2. Joshua

Homezone – “Answer”

Joshua’s playlist pick was recommended to him by his friend, and now he’s paying it forward by asking CARATs to give it a chance as well. Homezone’s “Answer” was released only a few months ago in April 2022.

My friend recommended this song to me and I got a really good feeling from it so I kept on listening to it. And I feel tranquil when I listen to it, which I love.

— Joshua

3. Jun

Phum Viphurit & Higher Brothers – “Lover Boy 88”

Jun is a fan of 88rising, a music company famous for championing Asian artists. His favorite song at the time of the interview was “Lover Boy 88” (2018) by Phum Viphurit & Higher Brothers.

I like the melody and the style of this song so I listen to it whenever I’m moving around during work or before or after just in my personal time.

— Jun

4. Hoshi

Justin Bieber – “Come Around Me”

Next up, Hoshi is a fan of Justin Bieber. He loves his song “Come Around Me” which was a track on his famous Changes album released in 2020.

I randomly heard this song when I was going home one day and it’s perfect for my tastes. I’m recommending it in hopes that all of you get the same feeling out of it that I do.

— Hoshi

5. Wonwoo and Woozi

SEVENTEEN – “Imperfect Love”

Wonwoo and Woozi were unique as they picked their own song and not another artists’. They recommended a fan favorite, “Imperfect Love” (2021), precisely because CARATs made it unforgettable for them.

Wonwoo: I started to see the beauty in this song again and like it even more after we performed it at our most recent concert and I saw CARAT cheering us on.

Woozi: When we sang this in concert with CARAT, I could feel every bit of their love. I was so touched and thankful that I’ll never forget that moment. It makes the song even more important to me.

Woozi (Left) and Wonwoo (Right)

6. The8

Harry Styles – “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”

The8 had a trendy answer that matched his trendy self—Harry Styles’ “Music for a Sushi Shop” (2022) fit his mood for the summer season.

I’m recommending this song because I’ve been listening to Harry Styles a lot lately and I think this song is a good fit for summer.

— The8

7. Mingyu

Cast of Sing Street – “To Find You”

Mingyu had a memorable choice as it came from a film, Sing Street. This coming of age comedy-drama produced one of his favorite songs: “To Find You” (2016).

This song’s from the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies, Sing Street, so I’d like to recommend it to CARAT and listen to it with them!

— Mingyu

8. DK

Wonpil – “A Journey”

DK supported his fellow K-Pop artist, Wonpil from DAY6, by suggesting that fans give his song, “A Journey” (2022), a shot.

This is a good song to listen to when you want to give someone happiness or luck, or when you want to support someone or need it yourself, so I’m recommending this one!

— DK

9. Seungkwan

Harry Styles – “As It Was”

Meanwhile, Seungkwan looks up to Harry Styles, particularly liking how free he seemed when singing his latest hit “As It Was” (2022).

Harry Styles looks so happy to be singing so freely in this. I wish I could be the kind of singer who conveys that kind of feeling.

— Seungkwan

10. Vernon

Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Can’t Stop”

Vernon picked an oldie but a goldie: “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (2002) because of how nostalgic it made him feel.

My parents used to listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers all the time. I got back into them recently and ‘Can’t Stop’ is my favorite.

— Vernon

11. Dino

Baek Yerin – “0310”

Last but certainly not the least, Dino says that the 2019 hit of soloist Baek Yerin, “0310,” is a favorite of his.

I always listen to this song when I’m on a trip, and it makes me feel so nice and refreshed. I love it!

— Dino

When it comes to song recommendations, you can trust in SEVENTEEN to deliver a solid playlist!




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