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TWICE’s Sana Is The Queen Of Duality In Latest Airport Appearance, Changing From Ultra-Cute To Ultra-Cool Effortlessly

Check out her best shots here!

TWICE‘s Sana is a visual through and through!

The JYP Entertainment singer recently appeared before a crowd waiting for her at Incheon International Airport prior to boarding her flight to Milan, Italy. She was set to attend the Prada Show at Milan Fashion Week on September 22 as one of the high profile faces of the brand.

Sana made a buzz as soon as she exited her car, with journalists and fans alike clamoring to capture as many photos of her model-like figure as possible.

In some photos and videos, she looked confident and cool as she strutted down the airport entrance. It was almost as if she made it her personal runway!

Yet in others, she was seen waving happily to ONCEs and being her iconic bright self.

She retained her naturally cute side when posing with half a heart lifted up to her cheeks…

…while being as cool as can be in the next second.

A hint of aloofness, a confident expression, and her stunning features made it seem like being a luxury model was her usual line of work.

Her chic aura and classy features further matched the style of her all-black outfit. The simple shorts and blazer combination with just the Prada logo on them were modeled to perfection by the Japanese singer.

Unsurprisingly, she attracted another large crowd when she landed in Italy, with fans clamoring to see her up close.

They took to Twitter to express their amazement at seeing her live, commenting that she manages to look even more gorgeous in person.

Cute and cool—Sana is effortlessly both!




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