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4 Idols Interacting With Animals That Went Viral For Being Adorable

Fans loved seeing these cute interactions!

There have been many instances of idols going viral for their cute interactions with their pets, and some idols have specific Instagram accounts for their furry friends! Other times, idols go viral for interacting with animals in unexpected places. Here are 4 times idols have interacted with animals that fans couldn’t get enough of!

1. BTS’s Jin And His Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are some of the cutest animals that exist, so when BTS‘s Jin posted photos of his two sugar gliders, Eomuk and Odeng, fans were overjoyed to see his cute new pets! Jin says he was nervous to reveal his pets, though, as sugar gliders require a lot of attention and care, and he didn’t want anyone to adopt them as a “fad” and wanted to make sure anyone who adopts a sugar glider understands the care they need!

BTS’s Jin | @BTS_twt/Twitter

2. TWICE’s Dog Friends

TWICE as a group has over 10 dogs total, which means the amount of dogs os greater than the amount of members! TWICE are very affectionate towards their pets and fans love to see them post with their pets, which they do often! Almost every member has a pet they love to show fans.

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

3. SEVENTEEN’s Stray Cat Run In

On an episode of Going SEVENTEEN, the group runs into a family of cats on the property they are staying on. There are kittens as well, and the members spend a while playing with the kittens and taking photos with them! Fans loved this cute moment with the kittens SEVENTEEN stumbled across!


SEVENTEEN Official/Youtube

4. THE BOYZ Haknyeon With Pigs

If you didn’t know, THE BOYZ Haknyeon grew up with a family who raised pigs! Because of this, he has often stated his fondness for pigs, and posted photos of him with baby pigs for fans to enjoy!

THE BOYZ Haknyeon | @we_the_boyz/Twitter

THE BOYZ Haknyeon and Eric | @we_the_boyz/Twitter



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