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4 Unexpected SM Idols Have Fans Begging To See Them Debut As A Unit Soon

A surprise interaction has everyone wishing…

The possibility of idol collaborations always sparks excitement among K-Pop fans. However, the recent interactions between Red Velvet‘s Irene and Seulgi with aespa‘s Karina and Winter have fueled an extraordinary level of anticipation.

iskw unit 1
| aespa/YouTube

Fans across the globe are now begging for these four idols to debut as a unit, a move that could redefine the landscape of K-Pop collaborations.

The buzz began after the four idols shared screen space in two humorous TikTok videos. The chemistry between them was undeniable, with their comfort and friendship shining through, making fans wish for more.


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Karina took to Instagram to repost these videos, expressing gratitude towards her seniors for making a dream come true. This public display of admiration and friendship only added to the fans’ wishes for a formal unit debut.

Karina also shared during a fancall that the quartet had previously enjoyed a night out together, bonding over whiskey. This glimpse into their off-stage relationship suggests a level of closeness that could translate into an electrifying on-stage combination.

However, the reasons for fans’ enthusiasm extend beyond their recent interactions. The visual combination of Irene, Seulgi, Karina, and Winter together is undeniable. They represent the pinnacle of K-Pop aesthetics — and their combined popularity could ensure the success of any project they undertake.


Their past performances provide a solid foundation for this proposed unit. Karina and Seulgi have already showcased their compatibility during the SMCU unit song “Hot & Cold,” while aespa and Red Velvet have come together for the festive collaboration “Beautiful Christmas.”

iskw unit 2
| SM Entertainment

These instances prove not just their ability to work together but also their versatility and individual talents as dancers and vocalists. After all, the four stars are considered as “Aces” among their peers.

iskw unit 3

The potential unit has been likened to SM Entertainment‘s female supergroup project, GOT (Girls On Top). Fans believe that this new combination could be the next iteration, bringing together the strengths of two of the company’s most successful groups.

iskw unit 4
| @babysbreath1188/Twitter

The idea of such a unit is not unprecedented in K-Pop, but the unique combination of these particular idols from SM Entertainment makes it a tantalizing prospect. It represents a blending of generations within the company, showcasing the legacy of Red Velvet alongside the recent rise of aespa.



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