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BTS Members Talked About Their Past Love Lives

BTS Members Talked About Their Past Love Lives

There’s no doubt that the members of BTS have had many love lives in their time. From their days as schoolchildren to their teenage years to their current adulthood, K-pop stars have been through a lot. In an interview with SBS, BTS only recently opened up about their past loves. Here are five instances where the BTS members talked about their past love lives!

The BTS members talked about their past love lives during a web show.

The BTS members talked about their past love lives during a web show hosted by producer Bang Si-hyuk.

  • The BTS member Jin is now single, although he has previously dealt with dating rumors like the other group members. Comedienne Lee Gook Joo, especially when Jin complimented her in the first three BTS album notes, was the subject of the most persistent relationship rumors surrounding Jin. When asked about rumors during a TV appearance, the Korean comedy actress said that she had become close to Jin, but few people believed her, and nothing happened. “So there’s a guy I have been connected to for above four years, and I even cheered him on at ‘Music Talk’ while he was promoting his debut album,” Lee Gook Joo stated during the conversation.                                   
  • One BTS member who has acknowledged having a girlfriend is RM. On a Problematic Men episode, RM talked about his high school romance. His ex-girlfriend was well-liked by lads and frequently caused him to question his abilities. This finally led to the two breaking up.Fans were skeptical of him despite the fact that he didn’t explicitly acknowledge to having had previous relationships in the past. After a Billboard interview in 2017, RM received a lot of attention for his response to a query on the group’s album Love Yourself: Her. The interviewer expressed his opinion that the entire album was quite introspective and questioned whether this was by design. After RM’s response, people questioned whether he was dating someone else.
  • Suga, a member of BTS, has stated that he is too busy to have a spouse. Instagram is the image. Suga has avoided being involved in widespread relationship rumors and said he is too busy to date, unlike the rest of BTS. A rumor that Suga was dating other K-pop artist Suran appeared to originate when the two performed the song “Wine,” but it was quickly denied, and the tale was finished before it ever began. The gifted lyricist, who never shies away from the truth in his rhymes, has also made sexual allusions and hinted at prior relationships in his raps.                                         
  • V, a member of BTS has previously been connected to a fan. Instagram is the image. V is the only member of BTS whose open discussion of his official relationship status has occurred, even though he is now single, according to their administration Big Hit Entertainment. V frequently uses the term “Hi Nuna” on Instagram, which led to speculations that he was dating a BTS fan named Hi. Additionally, followers claimed that V had been wearing a ring that Hi had given him. Big Hit Entertainment said that V and Hi had been communicating but weren’t dating or simply pals until the allegations got out of hand.                                                                       
  • Before becoming famous, J-Hope, a member of BTS, was said to be dating someone. Instagram is the image. J-Hope is presently single and hasn’t been mentioned in any relationship rumors since joining BTS. The only dating saga about J-Hope that has been reported is that he was in a relationship before joining BTS and broke up with his girlfriend when she wanted to move on with another person.

  • Jimin While Jimin is now unmarried, like the other BTS members, social media has been flooded with speculations about his romantic life over the years. The most widespread relationship rumor included Jimin and KARA’s fellow K-pop singer Han Seung-Yeon. During an interview on the Weekly Idol show, Han was asked if she had Jimin on her radar. She responded, “That’s accurate. We had overlapping promotional periods when we were marketing “Mamma Mia.” Since then, he has captured my attention. It was also wonderful that our schedules coincided by a week.” Jimin is too busy knocking us all over backward with his dancing and perilous stage presence (yeah, you got us, he’s our bias) for romance rumors to have surfaced much since then.

  • Jungkook, Online rumors claim that Jungkook’s ideal partner should be at least 168 cm tall but smaller than him, have a decent wife, a good chef, intelligent, attractive legs, and an outstanding and beautiful voice. In terms of real girlfriends, Jungkook is now single, but there have been rumors that he has dated K-pop celebrities, including Jung Chae Yeon from ‘DIA’ and Jeong Ye In from the group Lovelyz,’ as well as CUBE trainee Ko So-Hyun in 2015. The internet was inundated with reports that fans had discovered an Instagram account that showed Jungkook and Ko So-Hyun had dated and contained their nicknames Cookie and Mochi, although neither artist has ever made a public statement regarding the claims.

They discussed topics such as breakups, first loves, and more.

During one of the recent episodes of BTS’ “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life,” the group shared some of their past love lives.

Members talked about topics such as breakups, first loves, and more. They also shared some funny stories about their relationships.

Observing how uniquely diverse each member’s tale was intriguing. Some members had heart-wrenching romantic experiences, while others recounted journeys full of laughter and joy.

It was an excellent opportunity for fans to learn more about the group members and their backgrounds. It was also an opportunity for the members to share their thoughts and feelings about love.


The BTS members spoke about their past love lives in a recent interview.

The members of BTS talked about their past love lives in a recent interview with GQ Korea. They shared stories about the people they’ve loved and lost and how their experiences have shaped them as individuals.


In this article, we explore five times the members of BTS talked about their past love lives. From RM admitting he’s still in love with a girl he dated in middle school to Suga talking about his broken heart from a previous relationship, there’s something for everyone on this list. So read on if you’re curious about what kind of guys BTS likes or want to get closer to your favorite idols!



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