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BTS’s V Achieved A New “First” Title After Vogue Korea Revealed his “Surprise Covers”

BTS’s V Achieved A New “First” Title After Vogue Korea Revealed his “Surprise Covers”

Bangtan Boys, better known as BTS, has achieved a new “first” in the music industry after Vogue Korea revealed his “surprise covers.” The Korean magazine announced that V Achieved, a solo album by the seven-member boy band, will include covers of songs by artists such as Taylor Swift, The Chainsmokers, and Ed Sheeran. Whether you’re a BTS fan, this news will generate excitement and interest in their upcoming release. By incorporating unexpected cover versions into their album, V Achieved will stand out from the rest and attract new fans.

Vogue Korea’s 

Because of BTS’s V, the October issue of Vogue Korea was already eagerly anticipated. ARMYs eagerly anticipated receiving this magazine issue as soon as it was confirmed that he would grace its covers. Vogue Korea has already shown three bodies with V on their Instagram feed. The magazine released three further “surprise covers” on September 14, KST, throwing fans into a frenzy.V now becomes the first male idol to have a solo appearance on six Vogue Korea covers, thanks to these three new additions! This most recent accomplishment is another gem in the crown of the king of fashion.

For this edition, Vogue Korea went out, referring to the partnership as the “cover” and emphasizing the “V” of “Vogue” on each of the covers. The magazine will also make additional V-related content, including a full interview, editorial, and movie.

History as the first Korean appear on the cover of Vogue

BTS made a splash as the first Korean artist to appear on the cover of Vogue, and their most recent collaboration sees them reach new heights with a special photo session in Paris for the magazine. Following the disclosure of his “surprise covers” by Vogue Korea, BTS’s V has gained a new “first” title. The magazine’s December edition published nine covers featuring the 23-year-old singer. What are BTS’s cover appearances?

As most ARMIEs know, one of the most popular boy groups in recent years is BTS. The seven-member group has achieved international recognition with its music and charismatic performances on stage. However, many people may not know that the group has also been working on other projects outside their music. Recently, BTS’s V revealed some of the covers that he has done for various magazines and magazines in Korea.

  • While some of these covers may not be well-known outside of Korea, they are still significant because they represent the group’s versatility as artists. For example, one of V’s covers was for Vogue Korea, a high-profile magazine in Korea. This cover appearance was a big surprise to many fans since it was not something that had been announced beforehand. V’s other covers include works for Seventeen, Fave, and more.
  • Overall, these cover appearances show that BTS is continuing to grow as an artist and that they are capable of doing many different things well. These cover appearances provide an exciting look into the group’s work and how they can connect with their fans worldwide.



After BTS’s V was revealed to have been the cover star of Vogue Korea’s December issue, many people were surprised. But even more so, after looking at some of the covers, V has achieved a new “first” title: international model. The 27-year-old singer/rapper/actor is only the second K-pop artist to be featured on the magazine’s cover (the first being EXO in 2012), and he appears on five different surfaces – all shot by Korean photographer Seung Ho Lee. In addition to his appearances in major fashion magazines worldwide, this marks V’s first time appearing in a Korean publication. Congratulations, V!



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