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5 SEVENTEEN’s Vernon And Dino Moments That Remind Us They Are The Youngest In The Group

Fans love seeing moments between the two youngest members!

Vernon and Dino are the two youngest members of SEVENTEEN but typically act very mature due to their many years in show business. Fans love seeing moments where the paid act like the younger brothers of SEVENTEEN! Here are five times Vernon and Dino reminded us all that they are the two youngest members of their group.

1. Vernon Making Dino Laugh

One thing the paid have in common is their ability to laugh with each other, which they do often, and usually at the expense of their older members!

2. Dino Complimenting Vernon

In a VLive the pair streamed together, Dino forces Vernon to show the fans his “beautiful eyes” after a fan comments about how attractive Vernon’s eyes were. Vernon the makes Dino do the same!

3. Dino Being Awkward

In a video, Dino asks fellow member THE8 to be in a photo with him for social media but is awkward when asking him because he doesn’t want to bother him. His members off-camera laugh at him for being so timid!

4. Learning From Each Other

In one of Dino and Vernon’s most viral clips, Vernon teaches Dino an English phrase that he definitely didn’t know before. Fans love this clip because Vernon translated “I am going to murder these tacos” into “I am going to eat these tacos deliciously” for Dino!

5. Dino’s Actual Younger Brother

Another reason Dino might not always seem like the youngest in SEVENTEEN might be due to the fact that he is the oldest in his own family! Dino tells the story about how his own younger brother has claimed he liked Vernon a bit better than Dino, which makes the entire group laugh.





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