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7 Unedited Moments Of TWICE’s Dahyun At New York Fashion Week Showing What She Actually Looks Like IRL

Her real-life visuals are next level.

Making another appearance at a Michael Kors show for New York Fashion Week, TWICE‘s Dahyun arrived in style. The singer showed off her stunning figure and flawless visuals that shined even without editing. So here are seven moments to appreciate Dahyun’s natural beauty in real life.

1. Dahyun turned heads as soon as she stepped out of the car.

2. Her body proportions look just as amazing in real life.

3. Dahyun’s smile would blind you.

4. Her side profile is breathtaking.


5. Even up close, Dahyun looks flawless.

6. Not everyone can make walking away look as gorgeous as Dahyun.

7. Dahyun’s visuals even shined through Getty Images.

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