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BTS’s Jungkook Gets Teary-Eyed Explaining Why They Didn’t Skip Practice After Getting No. 1 On Billboard

The celebration was short-lived! 🤣

BTS‘s J-Hope recently appeared on an episode of YouTube show MMTG and shared everything about his life as a Sandokki — a Korean slang term that refers to a person who works hard with persistence. Host JaeJae brought up a story that shows how J-Hope embodies the characteristic of “never wearing out” perfectly.

In 2020, BTS hit an exciting milestone when “Dynamite” debuted at number 1 on the Billboard HOT 100 charts.

Because of this, the members held a celebratory livestream and even considered cancelling practice for the day. However, they knew it was up to J-Hope to decided what they would ultimately do that day.

The six members sat comically far away from J-Hope as they all wanted to skip practice. Meanwhile, J-Hope had no intention of letting everyone off the hook that easy!

As everyone celebrated and wondered if they would take practice off, J-Hope could only say “we’ll see after” like a true hard worker.

The reason J-Hope didn’t want to call it quits so easily is because they were preparing for something at the time.

Though skipping one day seems fine…

…in the end, they boys still went to practice that day!

Jungkook‘s almost teary eyes explained how the members treated it like any other day and that they worked hard at practice just like always.

On the day when our song was number 1 on Billboard, we did a live stream and then went to practice right after and practiced… so there’s nothing special.

— Jungkook

Even J-Hope was shocked by Jungkook’s puppy dog eyes!

However, J-Hope reveals that even if he is the leader of practice, all of the members come to an agreement when making decisions. Even though it may have been a hard choice that day for them, their efforts always pay off in the end!

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