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8 Times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Went Viral For His Insane Visuals

Nobody can forget the iconic moment in #6!

Being a SEVENTEEN fan means constantly being shown content of thirteen of the most talented, attractive, and chaotic idols in K-Pop on a regular basis. One member in particular, Mingyu, often goes viral for his model good looks and his physique. Here are a little under 10 moments where SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu went viral online for his visuals!

1. Leaving Inkigayo

From early 2018 to late 2019, Mingyu was one of the three featured hosts of the K-Pop music show Inkigayo. A fan managed to film a video of him leaving the Inkigayo studio after filming which now boasts over 1.3 Million views on one Twitter video!

2. Instagram Boyfriend Photos

Mingyu’s Instagram is filled with photos that often earn him the title of Carat’s “Instagram Boyfriend” due to the casual but handsome nature of the photos. This photoset in particular went completely viral on Twitter and amassed 2 million Instagram likes over one weekend!

3. Video Of Instagram Photos

To get the swoon-worthy shots shown in #2, Mingyu had a fellow SEVENTEEN member take over 400+ different shots to get the perfect few! The rejected photos were posted as one huge screenshot to show how much they went through to get the photos, and Carat’s turned the photos into a live video, which also went viral!

4. Be The Sun Tour Outfit

On SEVENTEEN’s most recent world tour, Mingyu’s stage outfit often went viral, as it was a sheer tank top that left fans in awe. Here is just one viral Twitter video featuring this stage outfit!

5. “Still Lonely” Fancam

SEVENTEEN was still considered a rookie group back in 2016, but that didn’t stop Mingyu from going viral! A video from their song “Still Lonely” has close to 2 million views on Twitter to date!

6. The Infamous “Call Call Call” Fancam

During the Summer Sonic Festival show in 2019, one of the most infamous Mingyu fancams was taken. This fancam is so infamous because it went viral in both the US and Korea, and his fellow SEVENTEEN members have teased him about this particular fancam on multiple occasions!

7. Another Boyfriend Post

If you haven’t caught on, Mingyu might just be the king of boyfriend posts on Instagram at this point! Every post he makes will most likely go viral, but this photoset in particular made fans go crazy!

8. His “Gam3 Bo1” Fancam

This time, Mingyu went viral for this fancam taken during the hip-hop unit solo “Gam3 Bo1” at a concert. Fans love the video because Mingyu’s visuals are strong as always and he seems to know it!




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