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A Closer Look At SEVENTEEN’s Team Rings From Debut Until Now

It’s hard to beat loving SEVENTEEN more than SEVENTEEN!

An online community post garnered much attention for revealing the touching history of SEVENTEEN’s team ring, which they never take off. The story starts in 2015 at their member appointment ceremony, where they were gifted team rings by PLEDIS Entertainment’s CEO, Han Seong Su.

| theqoo

In 2016, they made new rings with the team name SVT and a diamond to represent CARATs. They also made bracelets with the same logo and gifted it to fans at their fan meeting.

| theqoo

In 2017, the rings included 13 sides, one side for each of the members, and a carat in the center. They also made a bracelet based on the design of the ring laid out flat, and gave them to fans at a fan meeting.

| theqoo
| theqoo

In 2019, they upgraded the rings with the number 17 engraved in roman numerals. The company that designed the ring announced that because it was a meaningful ring, they would not take requests for the same or similar designs.

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And currently, this is the ring that the members are wearing!

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The members were seen wearing the rings even during photo shoots, showing their strong and loving bond for the team. Mingyu revealed he was happy that he was able to film the shoot with his ring on.

Jeonghan, who seemed a bit nervous for the interview, could be seen touching his ring, bringing him a sense of comfort.

When gathering together to show off their rings, they made sure to include CARATs!

Netizens loved the unbreakable bond of the members and supported the group’s teamwork!

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Jealous.”
  • “How can you beat the love SEVENTEEN has for the group.”
  • “Seeing a group with so many members and good teamwork is amazing.”
  • “The history of the team ring is making me cry.”
  • “My heart is touched by this.”
  • “So touched…”
  • “I love seeing how close of a bond they have with each other.”
  • “They say there’s no such thing as eternity, but I hope they are the exception.”
  • “Such an emotional moment.”
  • “It’s so cute how Vernon bent his finger so that the ring wouldn’t fall off.”
  • “So touching…”
  • “It’s the hardest to love SEVENTEEN more than SEVENTEEN themselves.”
  • “I wonder how it must feel to meet a team like SEVENTEEN.”

This is the definition of “I love my team, I love my crew!”




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