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A “Fan” Sparks A Huge Reaction With Their “Aggressive” Messages To Former NCT Member Lucas

The tone seemed odd for someone paying for the subscription.

A netizen has gained attention after seemingly boasting about “aggressive” messages they sent to former NCT member Lucas.

Lucas | @lucas_xx444/Instagram

One of the ways that Lucas has returned is that he is now more active on social media, including on Bubble, where a lot of other SM Entertainment artists interact. With this service, along with getting messages from idols, netizens can directly message their favorite artists, and sometimes, they can get a reply by paying a fee.

A netizen has sparked a debate with their messages to Lucas. On March 8, a fan posted a picture of a message Lucas had sent through Bubble, along with their reply. While Lucas’s message was an encouraging message, the fan’s reply was negative and seemingly threatened violence and shared it on Threads with the caption, “That’s enough. It’s only morning, and you’re being so noisy.”


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Lucas: Hello
Hwaiting today
I’ll be hwaiting also
Let’s meet soon

OP: I decline
Don’t make me slap you on such a happy day

After sharing the conversation, another netizen questioned the OP’s motive, saying that they should just unsubscribe rather than send that kind of message.


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Netizen: An idol is sending you messages but you’re responding in that way…how about you unsubscribe instead? You’re so generous, giving him money like that

OP: I’m a customer so I can say whatever I want. That monkey should die

While it’s not clear whether the OP is still a Lucas fan, they continued to answer comments about their messages, including one where a netizen said they must love them a lot, adding, “Don’t love him too much, are you raising him like a virtual pet?” to which the OP replied, “Yes.”



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When another netizen seemingly had a similar view of sending messages to Lucas, the OP replied that they use their three message-a-day quote to “scold” him.


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Netizen: Since you’ve already spent the money, scold him more for me.

OP: I scold him using all three message quotas every time.

It isn’t certain that Lucas will read every message a fan sends, but it raises questions about whether there should be filters or whether interactions are monitored.




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