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BLACKPINK Jennie’s Latest Post About Her New Song Has Fans Extremely Angry At YG Entertainment

“I guess YG is your biggest enemy…”

BLACKPINK Jennie‘s latest Instagram post about her new post has netizens furious at YG Entertainment.


Jennie has been busy since leaving YG Entertainment. She announced the creation of her company ODD ATELIER, had many solo schedules for variety shows, and attended fashion events.


On March 8 (KST), Jennie’s next project was released after the song “Slow Motion” with artist Matt Champion was released.

After the song was posted, Jennie shared some photos related to the release.



As proud of Jennie as netizens were, it was the idol’s caption that had them very angry at YG Entertainment. According to her caption, Jennie revealed that the song was written three years ago and holds a very special place in her heart.


Upon seeing the caption, both in the comments and on X, netizens shared their anger that Jennie had this song for so long but was unable to release it, with many citing YG’s inability to allow the idol to release solo material and the discourse on collaborations.


Even on X, the discourse was very passionate as BLINKs shared their reactions to knowing how long Jennie has had this song and anticipating what other material she’s done but not released.

Many netizens believe the BLACKPINK members have thrived since leaving YG Entertainment, with the group thriving with their personal schedules.

You can read more about Jennie’s schedules after leaving YG below.

Netizens React To BLACKPINK Jennie’s Schedules After YG Entertainment Stopped Managing Her Solo Activities




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