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Actor Lee Byung Hun Saved Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung From An Embarrassing Mistake

“I went and thanked him so much.”

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung may have over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry but still makes mistakes. During one of those moments, veteran actor Lee Byung Hun was able to save her.

Lee Byung Hun

When Sooyoung stopped by the set of Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night, she mentioned the time she was an MC at a film festival. Taking her role seriously, she’d written her own ad-libs to make the audience feel comfortable. However, it backfired.

Sooyoung couldn’t read her own handwriting and ended up saying “meaningless” words about wanting to drink champagne. As a result, she accidentally skipped over the part in the script that explained what award Lee Byung Hun had won.

Even though Sooyoung remained calm, she was utterly embarrassed by the mistake and didn’t know how she’d be able to face Lee Byung Hun when he stepped on stage to accept the award. Funnily enough, she didn’t have to worry at all.

Like a gentleman, Lee Byung Hun “walked in with a glass of champagne.” Sooyoung no longer felt embarrassed.

In fact, Sooyoung “thanked him so much” for playing into her mistake and moving on from it.

Although Lee Byung Hun could’ve gotten upset as a senior actor winning a prestigious award, he proved his kindness by helping Sooyoung out of the awkward situation and forgetting about her mistake.

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