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“Kiss Master” Seo In Guk Gives Advice On How To Perfect His Steamy K-Drama Kisses

He’s definitely earned the tile with his steamy scenes.

Alongside actors like Ji Chang Wook and Gong Yoo, Korean netizens crowned Seo In Guk as one of the actors who have mastered the art of kiss scenes.

So when Seo In Guk was a guest on Season B Season, Rain couldn’t resist asking the talented actor how he earned the title of “Kiss Master.”

Seo In Guk revealed his two secrets for filming the perfect K-Drama kiss scene. The first was choosing realistic locations. He named his popular kiss scenes that were filmed near a sink and in an emergency stairway as examples.

The second was his “natural looks.” Capturing Seo In Guk’s “short philtrum” from the right angles made the kiss scenes look more natural and visually appealing.

It looks like Seo In Guk’s recommendations are working for him since K-Dramas watchers can’t get over his steamy kiss scenes.

See the “Kiss Master” tell Rain his tips for filming the best kiss scenes.



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