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Actor Park Bo Gum Gains Attention For Being The Perfect BLINK While Attending BLACKPINK’s Seoul Concert To Lisa

It was the small details of Park Bo Gum’s look that truly shined!

Over the past few days, thousands of BLINKs and celebrities gathered at the famous KSPO Dome in Seoul to watch BLACKPINK start the first part of their BORN PINK world tour. During the shows, thousands of fans got to see the members performing live and for many, it was the first time since before the pandemic.

The members of BLACKPINK at their Seoul show | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

As expected, BLINKs who attended shared pictures and videos from the two shows, and it almost felt as if everyone was able to watch the show.

Yet, aside from the amazing memories, the celebrity guest list was huge, and each of the members had stars come to support them. One of those seen on the first night was none other than actor Park Bo Gum.

Actor Park Bo Gum | @parkb0gum/Instagram

Earlier in the year, Park Bo Gum joined BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS‘s V in Paris to represent CELINE‘s fashion show in Paris.

BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and Park Bo Gum | @popbee/Instagram

From the minute they arrived, netizens loved the sibling-like interactions between Park Bo Gum and Lisa. Whether it was Park Bo Gum seemingly giving his coat to Lisa to stay warm, or Lisa ensuring that he didn’t feel left out during the event, netizens loved their interactions.

Lisa was seen holding what many thought was Park Bo Gum’s coat

Even though the event was months ago, Park Bo Gum is still supporting Lisa after being spotted sitting next to TWICE‘s Mina and Jihyo (also Lisa’s besties) at the concert.

TWICE’s Mina and Jihyo and Park Bo Gum at the BLACKPINK concert

Yet, although Park Bo Gum’s attendance was cute enough, the actor gained attention from fans for his outfit, which was truly perfect for the concert.

While everyone was dressed for the occasion, Park Bo Gum was no exception wearing a black jacket and bright pink hoody, which is the perfect way to represent BLACKPINK.


Many also joked that Park Bo Gum might be having flashbacks from Paris after he saw BLACKPINK’s Lisa pole dancing during the show. While Lisa and V were pole dancing in Paris, many joked that Park Bo Gum was nowhere to be seen and that he was probably too shy to give it a try.

If BLINKs didn’t believe it was Park Bo Gum, when the actor left, his identity was more clear as the media made sure to capture his exit. He was also still wearing his black and pink outfit as well as holding his BLACKPINK lightstick proudly.

After the concert, Park Bo Gum was trending as BLINKs became obsessed that he was still being a supportive friend to Lisa.

As expected, the friendship between those in the Korean entertainment industry proves to be close as ever. Although Lisa and Park Bo Gum might be busy, the concert shows they will always support each other whenever possible.

You can read more about the BLACKPINK having supportive AF besties at the Seoul shows below.

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