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NCT 127 Hilariously Expose Themselves And Get Flustered As They Spill On Their Favorite Female Celebrities

“I think Jaehyun is on the move…”

NCT 127 recently spilled on exactly which female celebrities made an impression on them, getting flustered and making each other giggle considerably along the way.

NCT 127 with “Billboard News host TETRIS | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

As the members continue their tour in the US, they have filmed plenty of fun content, going on shows such as Good Morning America and The Jennifer Hudson Show.

NCT 127 on the set of “Good Morning America” | @nct127/Instagram

Now, they have added Billboard News to the list, releasing an interview that is equal parts chaos and touching moments. The members opened up about what they missed the most about being on tour and what they really felt about seeing NCTzens waiting for them in Los Angeles.

The chaos began when they were asked who left them the most starstruck. Jaehyun kicked things off by confidently claiming that he was most starstruck by Zendaya

| Billboard/YouTube 

…and then had the best reaction to his own statement.

Mark confessed next, saying (not without some stuttering), that he felt rather starstruck by Suzy.

Fans couldn’t help pointing out Taeyong‘s hilarious reaction to Mark’s comment.

Taeyong himself then admitted that when he was younger he had felt very much starstruck by Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon

And made his members laugh when he ended it with, “I was so…Taeyeon noona…”

Luckily for Taeyong, Taeyeon once said she is interested in collaborating with him!

When the members were asked who they would like to collaborate with, Jaehyun once again had his members giggling when he instantly replied, “Zendaya.” Even host TETRIS hilariously said, “Zendaya, can you please call this man?”

Fans came in with the best memes, joking that Jaehyun clearly must have written “Forever Only” with her in mind…

…and even “warned” actor Tom Holland to watch out.

Jungwoo declared he wants to collaborate with Tinashe, which would certainly be an exciting thing to see given her incredible dance skills.

Fans loved to see it, especially since he is known to be a huge fan!

Watch the full clip of NCT 127 exposing themselves Billboard News right here.




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