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All 13 Members Of SEVENTEEN Pick Their Favorite Songs They’ve Ever Released

Mingyu enjoyed the upbeat song that lived up to its name.

SEVENTEEN was featured in the Japanese magazine K-STAR, where the group shared some fun facts about themselves. One of them was the favorite song of all thirteen members. Out of all their albums, here’s which song resonated with each member most.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

1. Mingyu — “Healing”

Mingyu chose the bright and fun “Healing” from their LOVE&LETTER Repackage album.

2. Hoshi — “Without You”

Hoshi liked the vocal and dance balanced “Without You” from TEEN, AGE.

3-4. Jeonghan And Joshua — “Falling For U”

Jeonghan and Joshua couldn’t resist choosing their acoustic unit track “Falling For U” from Director’s Cut.

5. Woozi — “Oh My!”

As the mastermind behind SEVENTEEN’s tracks, Woozi had many to choose from that were close to his heart. He chose the bright and catchy “Oh My!” from You Make My Day.

6. Seungkwan — “Adore U”

Seungkwan took it all the way back to their debut for the iconic “Adore U” from their first mini-album 17 Carat.

7. Dino — “Drift Away”

The smooth unit song “Drift Away” from the group’s LOVE&LETTER Repackage album caught Dino’s interest.

8-10. Wonwoo, S.Coups, And The8 — “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day”

You Make My Day‘s “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day” is such an enjoyable song that S.Coups, The8, and Wonwoo all had to choose it.

11. DK — “Smile Flower”

As a talented vocalist, DK chose the powerful Going Seventeen ballad “Smile Flower”.

12. Jun — “Don’t Wanna Cry”

As part of the group’s Performance Team, Jun chose their dance-heavy track “Don’t Wanna Cry” from Al1, which instantly became a hit.

13. Vernon — “Come to me”

The laidback yet upbeat song “Come to me” from You Make My Day was a favorite for Vernon.




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