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IU’s Closing Ment For “The Golden Hour” Concert Has Fans In Shambles Thanks To Her Heartfelt Words

UAENAs will be with IU for another fourteen years.

IU‘s The Golden Hour concert was legendary, highlighting how even after fourteen years in the industry, IU is still becoming more and more loved by everyone.

During her closing comments, IU was full of gratitude and love for UAENAS, although she felt like she didn’t have enough words to fully convey the depth of her feelings.

The word thank you is too weak. What words can describe this… ‘I love you’ is too weak. ‘I love you’ and ‘sorry’ are too weak.

— IU

이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube

IU deeply understands that her journey and success over the past fourteen years have been because of UAENAs’ unwavering love and support for her, and performing The Golden Hour at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium was only possible because of her fans.

Lasting fourteen years in the industry is difficult, let alone remaining at the top, but IU has done exactly that. However, she couldn’t shake the thought that perhaps after so long, The Golden Hour would mark her final stage.

On a path I challenged and pursued since my teens, I thought long and hard that maybe this performance could be my final destination.

— IU

But thanks to the overwhelming love she’s received from UAENAs, IU has changed her perception of The Golden Hour. It’s no longer a possible end but rather the start of a new beginning in her career.

I never dreamed of such a huge stage. But I’ve come this far. ‘This could be a new challenge!’ ‘It could be a new start!’

— IU

Until the end, IU’s humility and love shone through her words as she promised UAENAs to walk another fourteen years with them.

Thanks for giving me this little hope and confidence in this moment. I won’t get arrogant but really be more humble and be IU who sings until she can’t.

— IU

The Golden Hour is legendary in many ways, but for IU and UAENAs, it’s the time when they made a new promise, the time when they shone the brightest, and the time they will never forget because of irreplaceable memories.

I’ll remind myself of this day and go on for 14 more years. When you remember me later, I hope you remember this moment as the brightest moment.

— IU




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